There are a ton of different things that make Kentucky unique and special, a wonderful area of the country to live. That may seem so cliche to you with there being 50 states and thousands of cities outside the state of Kentucky to choose from. Well, I’ve lived in a few other states and areas of the country and have traveled everywhere, but I grew up a Kentucky boy and always will be one. It’ in your nature, as it’s what you learn growing up as a child that sticks with you. People often wind up living in many different places, and home can have a whole new meaning in adulthood. You never forget where you came from.

So let that knowledgeable piece of advice guide you through this quick Kentucky experience based on an insider’s perspective. Last time I was in Kentucky for a visit was 2015. I was there during Thanksgiving before going home to Texas for Christmas. While I moved from western Kentucky in 1998, I made subsequent trips back there quite often at first and then several even in later years during the 2000’s and up to the present. Notice I said western Kentucky and not the eastern part of the state with the mountains and the more prominent mid-state cities of Louisville, Lexington and Frankfort, the capital.

My first job was in the cornfields, and I also worked the pumpkin patches. I escaped having to work the tobacco fields, which was a good thing for me. Many of the other guys did that as a summer job growing up. Hey, Kentucky is beautiful country, and you don’t have to be at Churchill Downs to witness that infamous bluegrass in its stunning beauty. People plant bluegrass all over the state, and my family had some in our yard growing up. That’s just one part of the beautiful scenery there.

Imagine all four seasons, tons of different types of trees, fields, wildflowers, rolling hills, luscious green and beautiful, well-kept countryside. That’s Western Kentucky in a heartbeat. I grew up in a town right outside of Paducah, and I was born in Murray, Kentucky. Quite a few of my family members still live in western Kentucky, and it’s fun to visit them. They have their favorite places to take us, and it’s always a fun time. It’s always great to check in on the hometown and just drive through, too.

There’s a little place called Farmington, Kentucky that to most people would be a blip on the map. That’s where I grew up, so it’s got much more to it to me. I always like to stop by the store, the church, the cemetery, the school and just drive around looking at childhood landmarks for awhile. Kentucky is a great place to keep in mind, whether you’re planing a visit or deciding whether or not to live there.